Wix vs WordPress

Which Website Builder is Better

In this lesson I’m going to compare WordPress vs Wix to figure out which website builder is better suited for you to build your website.

There are three main points that I want to compare when it comes to Wix vs WordPress

1) Ease of use (00:13) - Wix is so simple to use that a 5 year old can use it to make a website. The drawback however is that you end up having a very simple site without having too much flexibility when it comes to customization. Wordpress on the other hand allows you to build whatever you want - so it’s not as intuitive and has many different settings and options - which is why people find it confusing.

2) Price (01:00) - There are two components when it comes to price. Domain Names and WebHosting. Wix charges $50 a year for a domain name and $12 per month for webhosting. If you deside to build a custom website with WordPress you are paying $15 a year for a domain and about $3 - $7 a month for webhosting. So building your website with WordPress is a lot cheaper.

3) Flexibility (01:45) - Wix has hundreds of templates and plugins while WordPress has thousands of templates and plugins. Also wordpress has the largest community than any other website builder - which makes it easy to find developers and designers to do custom work for a cheap price. You can pretty much build any website imaginable with wordpress by installing the right plugin or getting someone to make a plugin for you.

How to Install WordPress

These are detailed step-by-step instructions (with time annotations) on how to setup wordpress.

1) Get a Domain Name (02:50)
First you need a domain name such as your business-name.com. The company I use and recommend is NameCheap.com. They have very competitive prices and are preferred by many people over the more popular domain providers. I have been using this company for about $15 years and absolutely love them.

2) Get WebHosting (04:26)
The next thing you need is webhosting. The webhosting company I recommend you chose is Hostgator - You can also get a discount by going to: https://WebsitesDiY.org/Deals/ They have many different plans but I suggest you pick a basic plan to begin with. However, if you want to have a really fast website you should try their special WordPress Hosting Plans - they are 2.5 times faster than the basic plans.

3) Connect Domain Name To WebHosting (06:09)
Next we need to connect your domain name to the webhosting account. Please check your email for the 2nd “welcome email” from HostGator. This will have all your account information. Then log into your NameCheap account and copy/paste the nameserver information under nameservers. Copy the first and second nameservers to make sure everything works. Next - save your changes and wait a couple hours for the change to take effect.

4) How to Install WordPress (06:56)
We now need to install WordPress. To do so, log into your WebHosting account and click on the WordPress icon to install it. Fill out all the required information and click Install. Remember to save the password that is automatically generated for you.

5) How to Log Into WordPress (07:54)
To log into your WordPress website go to: Your-Name.com/WP-ADMIN
This will take you to the login page. Enter your username and password and Login to your site. This will take you to the main WordPress Dashboard.

6) How to Install Templates/Themes (08:30)
To install Templates/Themes click on Appearance -> Themes. Here you can install free themes from wordpress.org or upload your own themes.
To get professional templates please check out https://WebsitesDiY.org/Themes/

7) How to Install Plugins (09:11)
You can install plugins to add any functionality you want to your website. To see the plugins currently installed click on Plugins on the left side of the Dashboard. To install a new plugin go to Plugins -> Add new.

And that is basically how you can Install Wordpress to start building your website. If you have any questions or comments please check out the YouTube channel.

Good luck with your website.